Lusta Hair

About this client

This eCommerce client had been running Facebook and Google ads on a good budget but was struggling to scale results. Once they gave us access at the beginning of January 2022 we created many new campaigns to test what helps bring results to the account. With specific targeting and concentrating on locations that show immense interest in the product along with creative advertisement and promotions, we were able to succeed and sustain good results month on month up until now.


– Test to reach the right audience

– Test various campaign types including search, display, shopping, Performance Max, and video.

– Attractive ad creatives to make sure customers take action.

– Annual and mid-year promotions and sales to get interactions going.

– Test relevant keywords and keywords on demand based on search term reports.


In 2022 we saw more than 100% results from Facebook and Google ads at similar costs. Revenue of $900k was generated from both platforms. We found improved ways to target post several tests and identified the best campaign types that work for this account. We continue to work towards rendering up-to-date creative ad formats. We are focusing on improving purchases further and increasing customer interactions through online appointments at continued lower costs per conversion and higher CTR.

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