Brow Code

About the client

Brow Code is a cosmetics eCommerce client that wanted to see better results and scale their Google & Facebook Ads. They wanted to expand their sales in both trade and retail products, to which we were able to scale the account comfortably towards the $1 Million revenue mark at a profitable 3.3 ROAS.


The client struggled to scale previously with many failed attempts. Our objective was to not only reduce their cost per click but increase their quality of traffic across channels & drive high volumes of conversions across both retail & trade.  


Through our consistent efforts, we expanded the reach of Brow Code worldwide and created vast campaigns to target trade & retail products. They were able to grow the sales volume, increase their brand awareness across social platforms & hire more helping hands in their factory. We were able to scale their Facebook Ads account comfortably towards the $1 Million revenue mark in just 6 months at a profitable 3.3 ROAS. Within Google Ads, we have seen a consistent ROAS of 10+ and $300,000 per month for 1 year. Now they sit as one of the top cosmetic beauty brands in the USA & Australia.

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